20 Somethings

For all of my readers in their early 20s please know that it’s okay to not have all your life’s goals accomplished by 25. I won’t say its impossible but learn to live and enjoy the moments. If you’re jumping from one goal to the next you’ve literally missed the best part of accomplishing a goal and that’s enjoying the moments once the goal is accomplished.

I recently had to remind myself, that yes I planted the seeds, watered the soil and waited for my season of harvest. But harvest season doesn’t end in a day. A farmer doesn’t harvest all his crop in a day, and even if he does he still needs to take a day to enjoy (cook or sell) the crops he’s harvested.

To all my 20 somethings out there, start giving yourself more time to enjoy your harvest.

Stop thinking that everything has to be accomplished in your 20s.

As I step into my late 20s I’ve learned a lot and I truly don’t regret any of it.

In honor of my turning 26 here are 6 pieces of advice for those in their 20s. (I’ll do the other 20 one day lol)

1. It’s okay if y’all didn’t get married.

The romantic relationships you’re in during your 20s may not last forever and that’s okay. You don’t have to settle for anything, you’re young. If they don’t meet your standard and aren’t working towards it you’re allowed to leave them alone. Date someone you like and who actually likes you. If you have someone willing to work then, stick it out. We are at a major growth point in our 20s so if you have to grow alone, do it. You won’t regret it in the end.

It’s easy to say but you don’t want to be 30 and broke or now learning to build good financial habits. Start building those habits now

3. Property is a great investment but it’s also lots of work

We see a lot of 20 year olds buying homes or rental properties and its a beautiful thing but make sure you’re ready for that responsibility. Sometimes an apartment for a year can teach you that responsibility.

4. You’ll gain friends as much as you lose them

Whether it be your high school or college friends, people will start falling out of your life. But as much as they go, they come around too. You’ll make friends at networking events, at work, shoot even on your commute to work, some relationships with people from your past (high school and college) may even bloom at this time.

Even if you only visit Vegas and Miami in your 20s, travel and explore what’s around you. Eat new food and experience new cultures.

6. Go to therapy

I really don’t have much to say here. Just go and be open to doing the work that comes with therapy too. Most employers provide an EAP (employee assistance program) that caters to helping employees with things like therapy. Also try talkspace — — www.talkspace.com

Originally published at https://www.jhaded.com on October 9, 2020.




Stories about my life as a Guyanese in America dealing with everyday life. Open and honest opinion on topics in my daily life

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Jhadee Gordon

Jhadee Gordon

Stories about my life as a Guyanese in America dealing with everyday life. Open and honest opinion on topics in my daily life

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